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Social Anthropology



Social Anthropology at Edinburgh is a major international centre of undergraduate and postgraduate training, and we offer regional specialisations in Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

We are also one of the premier research departments in the United Kingdom. Rooted in a strong disciplinary tradition our research asks challenging questions about contemporary global problems, putting us at at the cutting edge of Social Anthropology.

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Upcoming Events

Feb 26 Speaker: Abou Farman # New School Terminality from Cosmic Alienation and Planetary Rift to Planetary Grief 15:00 (N/A) Online

Mar 12 Speaker: Shahram Khosravi # Stockholm University TBC 15:00 (N/A) Online

Mar 26 Speaker: Savannah Shange # University of California, Santa Cruz We Got Outsiders Up in Here: Anti-Blackness & the Borders of the Progressive Imaginary 15:00 (N/A) Online