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Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology: EdCMA Networks



Welcome! BEYOND RESISTANCE is an interdisciplinary network housed within the Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology (EdCMA) and dedicated to creating new kind of collaborations, knowledge production and engagement with the challenges of antimicrobial resistance. Founded by Iona Walker and Professor Ian Harper, BEYOND RESISTANCE actively asserts the importance of the arts, humanities and social sciences in these activities in order to bridge disciplinary divides, avoiding silo thinking and transcend traditional framings in this area.

By sharing knowledge, building relationships and working collaboratively, the BEYOND RESISTANCE Network hopes to inspire creative solutions to AMR. We partner with colleagues in Edinburgh Infectious Diseases, ASCUS Lab, and the Atelier Network to produce our events, workshops and colloquia as well as with award winning artists such as Sarah Craske and Louise Mackenzie.


Promote the value of the social sciences and arts in investigating issues related to AMR.

Facilitate and nurture strong links and communication between disciplines, institutions, researches and communities.

Explore creative ways of reimagining our relationships with microbes.

Provide a catalyst for collaboration opportunities.

In the interests of working effectively and to the benefit of everyone involved, the network welcomes and encourage comments, questions or suggestions for future activities.  We welcome folks from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and institutions. If you would like to be in touch or have any questions or suggestions, please contact the network convenor Iona Walker at 

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