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BloodGroup is an interdisciplinary research network of scholars working on anthropology and sociology of blood, co-founded by Stephanie Sodero, Morteza Hashemi and Jacob Copeman in association with Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology.

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Bloodscape (part of the 2018 Being Human Festival)

This self-guided adventure lets you see Edinburgh through the lens of blood - including changing trends, global campaigns and, of course, Harry Potter. Bloodscape will broaden your understanding ​ ​of blood as a vital good.  Just as blood circulates in the body, it also circulates in society via supply chains. The nature of these supply chains shifts over time and place. Bloodscape sheds light on these dynamics through the embodied​ experience of a scavenger hunt. This event draws on research conducted at the University of Edinburgh in Medical Anthropology, including how climate change might disrupt blood delivery and how blood donation is used as a tool of social integration by immigrants. 

Bloodscape Scavenger Hunt

Organiser: University of Edinburgh's BloodGroup, in partnership with: Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign (Scotland)


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