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Health & Migration Research Network

Health and migration is a defining issue of our time, and is increasingly recognized as a global health priority. Global flows of people have long been linked to the transmission of disease and health risks, and especially in our era of pandemics which do not respect international borders, where threats to human health have been deployed to securitize the issue of migration. Often backgrounded within such discussions are the equally significant ways in which health may predispose certain people to migrate – or to stay put. If good health can enable people move at one point, ill health can also make them stuck, reluctantly immobile, at another. Tackling issues of health, mobility and fixity; structural violence, state borders and migration as a social determinant of health; racist xenophobia masquerading as medicalised prejudice; the pinning of collective identities on sexual and reproductive practices; the reckoning of health-related deservingness; trauma and biolegitimacy; the connections between diasporic identities and disease; and the politics of responses to migration and health, from social justice mobilisations to humanitarian interventions, the health and migration research network aims to bring together researchers and research users across Edinburgh.

For any questions about the network or the launch event contact: Dr Ayaz Qureshi, Lecturer Medical Anthropology, University of Edinburgh, email

Health and Migration Research Network

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