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Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology: Events




Date / Time Details Where
24th Jan 2018 15:00 (2 hours) Seminar: ‘Mad’ knowledge in the global south: Responses to local and global hegemonic narratives of mental health
Speaker: Dr Jayasree Kalathil # Survivor Research
G.05, 50 George Square
25th Jan 2018 14:00 (2 hours and 30 minutes) Roundtable: Inter-disciplinary roundtable on Diagnosis and Global Mental Health
- Please choose: TBC # TBC
01M.473 Teaching Room 13 - Doorway 3, Medical School, Teviot, University of Edinburgh
25th Jan 2018 17:00 (2 hours) Social: EdCMA 2nd Anniversary Party
Hosted by: EdCMA # U of E
Foyer, Ground Floor, CMB
26th Jan 2018 15:00 (2 hours) Seminar: EdCMA Annual Lecture: Applying Anthropology for Mental Health Interventions in Humanitarian Emergencies
Speaker: Brandon Kohrt # George Washington University; Hosted by: EdCMA # U of E
Seminar Room 1, Chrystal Macmillan Building
21st Feb 2018 17:50 (2 hours and 10 minutes) Seminar: Tuberculosis Control and Global Health: An inaugural lecture by Professor Ian Harper
Speaker: Ian Harper # EdCMA
King Khalid Lecture Theatre, Hill Square (by Hill Place), Edinburgh EH8 9DW
16th Apr 2018 09:00 (1 day and 8 hours) Workshop: Advanced Workshop for Anthropological Research on Health, Medicine, and Wellbeing
Hosted by: EdCMA # U of E; Hosted by: Social Anthropology # Durham University
TBC, U of E
4th Sep 2018 09:00 (1 day and 8 hours) Conference: RAI Biennial Medical Anthropology Conference: Valuing Health
Hosted by: EdCMA # U of E; Hosted by: Royal Anthropological Instititue # London
South Hall, Edinburgh
pharmacy, Nepal