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Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology: Events




Date / Time Details Where
17th Nov 2018 13:00 (2 hours) Conversations: Bloodscape: Scavenger hunt exploring changing blood trends in the UK
Hosted by: Stephanie Sodero # U of E; Hosted by: EdCMA # U of E
50 George Square
20th Nov 2018 11:00 (2 hours) Seminar: Creative Approaches in Young People’s Psychosocial Wellbeing
Speaker: Carola Eyber # Queen Margaret University; Speaker: Kevin Burmudez # Queen Margaret University; Speaker: Laura Wright # U of E; Hosted by: Global Mental Health Network # U of E
LG.10 David Hume Tower, University of Edinburgh
22nd Nov 2018 17:30 (1 hour) Lecture: A Certain Kind of English Embryology?: biological translation and the 14 day rule
Speaker: Professor Sarah Franklin # University of Cambridge
Lecture Theatre 2, Appleton Tower
23rd Nov 2018 15:00 (2 hours) Seminar: Lost in Translation? How biologists measure scientific progress
Speaker: Professor Sarah Franklin # University of Cambridge
Seminar Room 1, CMB
29th Nov 2018 16:00 (1 hour and 30 minutes) Seminar: A Brahmin on the Couch; secret threads, mantras, and social privilege
Speaker: Sushrut Jadhav # UCL; Hosted by: Social Work # U of E; Hosted by: Centre for South Asian Studies # U of E
6th floor staff room, Chrystal Macmillan Building
6th Dec 2018 13:00 (1 hour) PG Student: Book Club. After War: The weight of Life at Walter Reed by Zoe Wool
Hosted by: SoMA # U of E
CMB 2.15
8th Mar 2019 15:00 (2 hours) Seminar: EdCMA Annual Lecture
Speaker: Anne Pollock # KCL; Hosted by: EdCMA # U of E
Seminar Room 1, CMB
pharmacy, Nepal