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Roundtable exploring the issues raised by the Zika Virus

Roundtable exploring the issues raised by the Zika Virus
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4th Feb 2016 17:00 - 4th Feb 2016 19:00
Chrystal Macmillan Building - Staff Room

The Zika virus, spread by the Aedes mosquito, and believed to be associated with microcephaly and birth defects in the newborn, is currently causing considerable alarm as it reaches pandemic level. The Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology invites you to a roundtable discussion on this topic. Brief presentations from social scientists with expertise in infectious disease control, ecological anthropology, maternal and child health, and regional issues will be followed by a discussion on the social, scientific, and political implications of the virus and its spread. 

Chair: Professor Ian Harper
Speakers include: Dr Sudeepa Abeysinghe, Dr Alex Nading, Dr Hannah Lesshafft, Dr Lucy Lowe
Edinburgh Students