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Global mental health: critical perspectives from MSc work-based placements and dissertations

Global mental health: critical perspectives from MSc work-based placements and dissertations
Introduced by: Dr Sumeet Jain # SSPS
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Introduced by
Date and Time
20th Oct 2016 15:00 - 20th Oct 2016 17:00
6th floor Staff Room, Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15a George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9LD

This event will show-case recent MSc work-based placements and dissertation research on global mental health. Presentations from MSc students will critically engage with global mental health discourses and mental health practice in India and Nepal. Two academic discussants from Medical Anthropology and Psychiatry will comment on the presentations and implications for global mental health. Join us to hear about these exciting work-based placement and dissertation projects.




Operationalizing social capital in mental health: a study of the Bapu Trust, Pune, India, Emma Brown, MSc International Development.


The Recovering Self in the Era of Neoliberalism, Anna Wollman, MSc Medical Anthropology


Reflecting on Lived Realities: Measuring Poverty and Mental Health in Lalitpur, Nepal, Leah Davison, MSc International Development.


Shaken to the core: Experiences of mental health and psychosocial service delivery one year after the 2015 Nepali earthquakes, Ellyse Kilarski, MSc Global Health and Public Policy.


Vulnerability and resilience in Lubhu, Nepal: A qualitative assessment of mental health needs of a rural/urban community following the 2015 earthquake, Kate Hughes, MSc Health Inequalities and Public Policy




Dr Stefan Ecks, Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh.


Dr Rob Stewart, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh.


Chair: Dr Sumeet Jain, Lecturer in Social Work, University of Edinburgh.


Please contact Sumeet Jain ( with any enquiries.   

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