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Medical Walking Tour of Edinburgh

Medical Walking Tour of Edinburgh
Introduced by: Stefan Ecks # EdCMA
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Date and Time
7th Nov 2016 11:00 - 7th Nov 2016 13:00
Starting at CMB
Join us for a guided medical walking tour!

This will start at the Chrystal MacMillan Building and take in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, or perhaps the College of Physicians, before dropping down to Abercrombie Place, home of Marie Stopes. Along Queen Street we'd pass Sir James Young Simpson's home before covering Charlotte Square, where a great many auspicious medicos made their homes, particularly in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. We will cover the "resurrectionists' trade", most likely in St Cuthbert's graveyard, and the site of Sir Robert William Philip's TB dispensary. We would of course be referencing many other notable physicians from Elsie Inglis to James Lind.

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