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Vital Mobilities: Circulating Blood

Vital Mobilities: Circulating Blood
Speaker: Dr Stephanie Sodero # U of E
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5th Oct 2018 15:00 - 5th Oct 2018 17:00
Seminar Room 1, CMB

How do we move things when it really matters? In this talk, I first share fictionalized vignettes as a tool to illustrate the complex vein-to-vein journey entailed in routine blood donation in Canada. Then, focusing on the UK, I examine events, such as the Filton Flood and Manchester Arena bombing, which challenge the national blood system. Finally, I reflect on what I mean by 'vital mobilities' and how this concept may be of use in the face of infrastructure disruption and carbon constraint. My research approach is grounded in the mobilities paradigm which highlights the role movement plays in shaping society.

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