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Beyond Resistance Inaugural Workshop

Beyond Resistance Inaugural Workshop
Hosted by: EdCMA # University of Edinburgh; Hosted by: Edinburgh Infectious Diseases # University of Edinburgh; Hosted by: ASCUS Art & Science # Summerhall
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24th Aug 2018 13:30 - 24th Aug 2018 16:00
Ascus Lab, Summerhall, EH9 1PL

Antimicrobial resistance is an issue that will impact on our lives, from the medicines we take to the food we eat. Antibiotics are becoming less effective, bacteria more resistant and with no miracle drug on the horizon, the age of controlling the tiny organisms that live on and amongst us has long passed - if it was ever here at all.


However, all is not lost. As we learn that our bodies are mainly comprised of viruses, bacteria and fungi we begin to pay attention the ways that these tiny non-human others are here integral for our own survival. 


We tried to ‘fight’ infection, but war is never the ideal solution. We need a new one.


Beyond Resistance brings together people who are asking the same questions in different ways. By sharing knowledge, building relationships and working collaboratively, the network wants to reframe our relationship with microbes, asking how we can live ‘beyond resistance’.




To launch the BEYOND RESISTANCE network, we will be hosting a workshop on the 24th of August at the ASCUS Lab at Summerhall.


The workshop explores antimicrobial resistance through interdisciplinary discussion, combining the knowledge of scientists, artists, anthropologists and other researchers to reframe our relationship with microbes in a way that goes beyond killing them. 

To facilitate discussion and encourage imaginative thinking, the workshop will place emphasis on creative practice. Playing with bioluminescent bacteria and everyday microbial agents such as ginger, bleach, turmeric and soap, we will create images to explore resistance for ourselves. 


We invite you to investigate the potential for contamination, collaboration and the unexpected.

Please RSVP via the link below:


For this event we are hoping to have a variety of people from a range of disciplines. Please fill in the form to apply. To ensure a balance of voices in the discussion, please fill in the form to let us know more about you. Please note that filling in the form does not guarantee a space.


Applications by midnight on the 16th of August.

Places confirmed by midnight on the 17th of August.

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