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webinar: 'data abundance', community mobilisation, and primary health care

webinar: 'data abundance', community mobilisation, and primary health care: Webinar / seminar
Hosted by: J-B Falisse # U of E; - Please choose: TBC # TBC
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13th Jun 2018 10:00 - 13th Jun 2018 13:00

As the amount of data produced at all levels of society keeps growing, how can community-level actors use ‘data abundance’ –the many datasets generated by private and public organisations– to improve primary health care in low-, middle-, and high-income settings?

This webinar will explore the concrete ways in which communities, citizens, and local community actors have been interacting with (the wealth of) new data that is being produced every day through information systems, social media, businesses, academic and non-academic researchers, etc. Our focus will be on (primary) health-care, and we will go through a series of questions including Which data is useful? Which data is actionable, and how? How is data reshaping power relationship between the users and providers of health services, if at all? Who owns data and how do citizens relate to it?

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