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Dementia Methodologies

Dementia Methodologies
Hosted by: GMHN # U of E
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28th Feb 2019 09:00 - 28th Feb 2019 13:00
Staff Room, 6th Floor, CMB

'Dementia Methodologies’

A workshop organised as part of the 2019 University of Edinburgh Global Mental Health Series  

28 Feb 2019, 9am – 1pm, University of Edinburgh  

Submit abstract by Feb 7th 2018:

This workshop seeks to instigate discussions about how the new, original, creative, and co-productive methods have been useful – or not – in researching topics related to dementia. We are particularly interested in encouraging discussions about how people living with dementia, research participants and communities in the research process can be involve and supported in the research process. This can include challenging the roles of ‘research(ers)’ and ‘research participants’ and definitions of knowledge production.  We aim to bring together people and dementia researchers from across disciplines, and hopefully across universities, for practical discussions about methodological approaches to dementia contexts. Our goals are twofold: firstly, to foster collaboration and networking between attendees, and secondly, to encourage researchers to consider a wider breadth of methodological approaches to their current and future research projects.

dementia methodolgies

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