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Film Screening and Discussion: My Scar

Film Screening and Discussion: My Scar
Hosted by: Tara Pollak # SoMA/EdCMA
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12th Feb 2019 18:15 - 12th Feb 2019 20:30
G.05 50 George Square

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Though the Caesarean Section may be considered normal in our society, it still marks an incursion into a woman's body and life that is far more difficult to process than generally claimed.

The film focuses on how deliveries by C-Section are perceived by those affected. In moving interviews, men and women recount their expectations and wishes regarding birth procedures. They talk about physical and emotional sensations that evolved around this planned or unplanned event and the repercussions they may have faced in the aftermath. We get to know their stories and learn about how they managed to overcome the often traumatic experience – and even take something positive out of it.

In addition to multiple facts and data, the film also presents us with physicians, midwifes and psychologists sharing their views on the topic of Caesarean Section in society and talking about research results, advantages/disadvantages and the possible implications of a C-Section.

Language: German with English subtitles

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