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Critical Care Symposium: The Value and Ethics of Care

Critical Care Symposium: The Value and Ethics of Care
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18th Mar 2020 13:00 - 18th Mar 2020 17:00
2.01, 7 George Square, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH8 9JZ

Health care is often expressed in value/s but how care in the
context of health is valued and the processes of such valuing
need to be analysed critically. Following Lisa Stevenson (2014:3),
we aim to conceive of care as “the way someone comes to matter
and the corresponding ethics of attending to the other who
matters,” which allows us to divorce practices of care from
assumed good intentions and investigate closely the different
ways in which individuals come to matter to institutions,
governments, research projects, and so on. What are the
practices of ethics in the production and enactment of value
through care and in health care institutions? The symposium will
be addressing the question: How might looking at the valuing of
care or the ethics of practices of care in different contexts help us
delve more carefully into the work that care does?

In this first co-sponsored workshop from the Centre for
Biomedicine, Self, and Society (CBSS) and the Edinburgh Centre
for Medical Anthropology (EdCMA), we hope to gather to discuss
these questions through the different disciplinary lenses of
sociology, history, and anthropology. We will engage with the
concept of care in discussion of seven presentations, and we aim
to foster sustained communication and collaboration around the
medical humanities and the social sciences of health within
different communities at the University.

For more information (including the symposium program) and to reserve your spot, visit our Eventbrite page.

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