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Prof Ian Harper at World Conference on Lung Health

Professor Harper and Professor John Porter (LSHTM) led a panel entitled "Qualitative Research for Tuberculosis Control: What Lessons can Researchers offer to Policymakers and Implementers in tackling drug-resistant TB?" at the 47th Union Conference on World Lung Health in Liverpool

There has been a growing interest in the contributions that qualitative research can make in the design and implementation of infectious disease policies and programmes. Qualitative research is best positioned to explore the contextual factors and complex processes that influence the implementation and outcomes of a programme or policy. This symposium presented a range of case studies taken from diverse countries, which  demonstrate how qualitative research methodologies can provide significant, and often crucial, insights that can equip TB control programme for confronting drug-resistant TB, while simultaneously, reflecting critically on the methods the studies employed for data collection.
Watch video footage of the symposium here.
Lesley Ann Hill, Ginny Bond, Solomon Salve, Sushil Baral, Ian Harper, John Porter, and Coll Hutchinson at the 47th World Lung Health Conference, Liverpool, October 2016
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