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Seeking participants for University of Edinburgh research study

Reintegration and Mental and Social Well-being after Military Service: An Anthropological Study of British Veterans. Contact Prof Alex Edmonds (

Are you:

  1. A veteran of the British armed forces? 
  2. Who served in Iraq or Afghanistan?

If you answered yes to both questions you are invited to participate in a research study of British veterans.  Conducted by a social anthropologist at the University of Edinburgh it will examine veterans’ reintegration into civilian life and their mental and social well-being.  It’s often said that there is a growing gulf between civilian and military life.  Your participation in this study will help remedy this situation we hope by contributing to better understanding of the experiences of veterans during and after their military service.

We’re interested in speaking to veterans who have fared quite well during reintegration, as well as those who’ve had more difficulties. 

If you’d like to participate please email your phone number to the researcher at and he will arrange an initial interview of roughly 60 minutes.  You may choose to end your participation then or if you’d like to continue in the study there will be follow-up contact. 

Your information will be kept confidential and your name will not be used in any publication resulting from the research.


Alex Edmonds

Professor of Social and Medical Anthropology, University of Edinburgh

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