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Visiting Scholar: Vinkatesh Boddu

Vinkatesh is here in Edinburgh to work with Dr Stefan Ecks on Understanding male infertility in Telangana, South India

Dr Boddu's research aims to explore married couples’ attitudes towards infertility, reproductive health and assisted reproductive technologies.  He will focus on men’s understanding of infertility in general and male infertility in particular and their response, in India. The anthropology of reproduction has mainly looked at fertility and infertility as a ‘women’s issue’, focusing on childbirth processes and reproductive health. Male voices have been marginal or absent in these studies. Currently, there are no ethnographic studies on men’s attitudes to reproduction in India. Dr Boddu's study aims to fill this gap in literature by looking at men in parts of Telangana region, their attitudes towards infertility and the kind of challenges they face in their various structural roles, as husbands and sons, in trying to fulfil their desire for offspring. Through this study, local notions and definitions of infertility and childlessness will be brought to the fore. For this study, fieldwork was conducted in Hyderabad city, and villages in rural Telangana, especially in Vikarabad. This multi-sited study will reveal the diverse perspectives on infertility in rural and urban areas of India and will contribute to anthropological studies of reproduction, gender, and kinship.

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