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Lilian Kennedy, coordinator of "Dementia Buddies" in the BBC News

"A pioneering project to investigate dementia has been set up in Scotland. The "buddy scheme" pairs university researchers with people who are living with the disease so they can learn from each other"

From the article:

"It is a multi-disciplinary approach, and not just between neuroscientists and people living with dementia. 

The scheme's co-ordinator is a researcher into human behaviour - social anthropologist Lilian Kennedy.

She says: "People who are living with the disease and the people who care for them actually have a vast amount of expertise about what dementia is and what's needed to manage it day to day."

She says she used to co-ordinate clinical trials, "but what I found over the course of my years doing that is our participants who were coming in - and their carers - had so much knowledge that some clinical processes weren't able to capture.""

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