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Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology: People

Don Duprez

Don Duprez
Don Duprez
Social Anthropology
Research Interests
Medical Anthropology, Indigenous cosmologies, kinship and gender, Reproductive Health, Anthropology of time, Refugee studies, Urban anthropology, Religious practices, Biomedical knowledge(s), practices and technologies, Diaspora and transnationalism, Subjectivity and Personhood, organizations and institutions, ethnography, China and East Asia, Southeast Asia

In my work I argue that within the contemporary cosmologies present in the Hmong community of Denver, CO there exists a symbiotic relationship between the body and mind of an individual and this relationship is further reflected in the meta structures of the social and the religious bodies of the community.  This symbiosis is a structure by which the Hmong are able to form an understanding of health, community, and belonging.  This structure additionally provides a hermeneutic basis of efficacy and understanding from which the Hmong, individually and as a collective, arrive at decisions regarding family, reproduction, and reproductive health that involve traditional and Western biomedical practices.  This approach represents a synthesis of knowledge and views on the part of the Hmong and challenges long held notions of medical pluralism which have ignored the 35 challenging years of transition and adaptation that has marked the different generations of Hmong in America.