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Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology: Research



Current Research

  • The body in culture, anthropology of pharmaceuticals, global psychiatries, medical pluralism, theory and methods in medical anthropology (Stefan Ecks)
  • Plastic surgery in Brazil; mental health and military veterans in the US, Netherlands, and Israel; psychiatric and psychological practice; health in international development (Alexander Edmonds)
  • Infectious disease control (in particular tuberculosis), development and its institutions, mental health, and relationships between healers, particularly in the context of Nepal and South Asia (Ian Harper)
  • Reproductive decisions, gender, migration, and the Somali diaspora in the UK and Kenya; humanitarianism and refugee health; mothering, childbearing, and Islam (Lucy Lowe)
  • Indigenous politics of health, witchcraft and infectious disease in Tanzania; Multispecies anthropology, insects and health, veterinary medicine (Rebecca Marsland)
  • Infectious and non-communicable diseases; environmental health; community health workers; and biomedical technology in Latin America, the United States, and the Caribbean (Alex Nading)
  • Material politics of global health in Papua New Guinea and India (Alice Street)
  • Happiness; wellbeing; mental health; social quality; appreciative enquiry; aspirational social planning; mobility; active lifestyles; volunteer befriending; old age (Neil Thin)
  • Blood donation, body donation, biological exchange, thalassemia, health activism, substance; South Asia (Jacob Copeman)

kathmandu, Bagmati