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Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology: SoMA: Students of Medical Anthropology


Symposium Writing Retreat 2019

When: 15-17th February

Where: Comrie Croft, Scotland

This year's SoMA symposium theme explores relations between humans and non-humans, and we were delighted to receive submissions from PhD students across the United Kingdom as well as from independent scholars.

In preparation for the symposium, the participants were invited to attend a Writing Retreat over a  weekend in the Scottish countryside. Not only was this an opportunity for the participants to network with fellow researchers, but they were invited to engage in group brainstorming on their papers and structured writing power hours.

The benefit of a writing retreat became clear in their feedback on the last day: not only did we end the weekend with a head start on our presentations, but we had explored the countryside around us in group walks, cooked and dined together, gotten to know one another, and the symposium quickly became more than an academic conference. It became an opportunity to spend time with fellow researchers and balance a working retreat with nature, relaxation and a sense of community. 

power hour


Nature walks

group dinner

Group walk

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