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Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology: SoMA: Students of Medical Anthropology


Who Cares? A Symposium on Care in Medical Anthropology

When: 11th May 2016

Where: CMB

Care has recently emerged as a key concept in medical anthropology. But why should we care about care? What does the term offer? What do we really know about care and caregivers? The theme of care runs through all our participants' work, but it means different things in different ethnographic settings.  In this symposium, EdCMA PhD candidates developed their understanding of care through conversations based on recent fieldwork. We considered how other people are using the term, and how our own work might contribute to this ongoing discussion. The symposium addressed the role of care in social relationships: how care shapes power and dependency; the extent and limits of care; the relationship between harm, violence, and care; and the question of care and morality. 

Research Presentations:

Discussant: Alice Street

This was followed by an EdCMA Care Roundtable

Speakers: Stefan Ecks, Lucy Lowe, Alex Nading, Koreen Reece, Alice Street

The symposium papers and discussion were published in Somatosphere. To see this click here.

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