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Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology: SoMA: Students of Medical Anthropology


SoMA Members

SoMA Representatives:

Imogen Bevan: "Do you take sugar?" Value, consumption, and sugar politics in Scotland

Leah Eades: After the Eighth: Abortion and the Politics of Reproduction in Post-Repeal Ireland

Tara Pollak: Risky Responsibilities: Maternal Bodies and Medical Imaginations of Pregnancy Loss in the U.K.

Iona Walker: Re-imagining antimicrobial resistance: beyond the military metaphor

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SoMA Members:

Aphaluck Bhatiasevi: Changing climate and the shifting burden of diseases: Towards an anthropology of melioidosis

Bridget Bradley: An ethnography of care and community among compulsive hair pullers in the United Kingdom (Trichotillomania)

Sandalia Genus: An Injection of Prevention: Examining the Development of a Malaria Vaccine in Tanzania

Maythe Han: Economies and ecologies of dog-human kinship in Edinburgh

Michael Heneise: Dreams and agency among the Angami Naga

Lilian Kennedy: Finding and Remaking the Self in Dementia: an investigation of care in London

Hannah Lesshafft: Healing Practices in Bahian Candomblé

Roslyn Malcolm: "It just opens up their world": Autism, equine therapy and enacted intersubjectivities

Hannah McInnes-Dean: Ethnography of Parenthood in Edinburgh

Cristina Morena LozanoAntimicrobial resistance (AMR) protocols: Optimization, hospital infrastructures, and care practices in democratic Spain

Alice Nagle: Living Psalm 127: Gender, reproduction, and religious embodiment amongs conservative evangelical Christians in the American Bible Belt

Pia NoelThe Interplay Between 'Need' and 'Response': An ethnographic multi-stakeholder response analysis to mental distress in post-disaster urban Nepal

Ting Ting Shum: Practicing Public Health: Health Workers and Tuberculosis Control in Contemporary China

Ritti SonccoGeographies of Tolerance: On the Visibility and Invisibility of Lyme Disease in Scotland

Rebekah Thompson: Perceptions of disease amongst pig farmers, abattoir staff and pork butchers in Central Uganda

Emilija Zabiliute: Relational care among diabetes patients in Delhi, India