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Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology: Welcome to EdCMA


Welcome to EdCMA


Worlds Beyond Us: SoMA organised symposium, February 2019

keynoteDelegates participating at the September 2018 EdCMA / RAI conference Valuing Health

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Participants at the 2018 Annual Advanced Workshop for Anthropological Research on Health, Medicine, and Wellbeing, co-organised with Durham University:ed

Participants at the 2017 Annual Advanced Workshop for Anthropological Research on Health, Medicine, and Wellbeing, co-organised with Durham University:


See the presentations from the one day symposium, on Global Challenges in Infectious Diseases here. Organised by the Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology and Edinburgh Infectious Diseases, these bring together a wide spectrum of expertise in social sciences with relevance to infectious diseases research. 

Highlights from 2017! 

 Events in the spring and summer of 2017, included:

  • a joint workshop with Edinburgh Infectious Diseases, with a keynote by Vinh-Kim Nguyen;
  • a networking event on Global Mental Health;
  • an advanced workshop for PhD and MSc students on the Anthropology of Health, Medicine and Wellbeing, coordinated with Durham University
  • visits by  Elizabeth Hallam and Carlo Caduff to discuss their recent books;  
  • the MAYS Medical Anthropology conference;  
  • talks by Dr Bhargavi Davar;


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EdCMA welcomes visiting academic Professor Suvi Salmenniemi

The Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology is welcoming a visiting academic, Professor Suvi Salmenniemi, who will be here throughout February and March.

Lilian Kennedy, coordinator of "Dementia Buddies" in the BBC News

"A pioneering project to investigate dementia has been set up in Scotland. The "buddy scheme" pairs university researchers with people who are living with the disease so they can learn from each other"


Feb 21 Hosted by: SoMA # U of E Worlds Beyond Us 10:00 (6 hours) Seminar Room 2, CMB


Feb 21 Hosted by: ASCUS # TBC; Hosted by: EdCMA # U of E Our Tiny Non-Humans: Meet the Microbes that Shape Our World 15:00 (2 hours) ASCUS Lab Summerhall Place Edinburgh EH9 1PL

Innovative Learning Week

Feb 26 Speaker: Dr Rochelle Burgess # UCL; Hosted by: GMNH # U of E From treatment to transformation: Promoting Social Interventions in Global Mental Health 16:00 (1 hour and 30 minutes) 6th floor Staff room, Chrystal Macmillan Building

GMHN seminar