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Anthropology Roundtable


The Anthropology Roundtable is an opportunity for faculty and students to put forward and defend their positions in contemporary theoretical debates.

Launched in 2014 the roundtable takes place once a semester and is open to all.

To listen to an audio recording of our latest roundtable click play on the right.

Recordings of all roundtables will be available here.   


The Value(s) of Value 
February 2014 

Sandy Robertson
"(For anthropology) there is no viable alternative to a materialist theory of value." [Click to download PDF]

Neil Thin
"Value should be central to anthropology because it is our most interesting source of confusion"

Naomi Haynes
"Theories of value that relate to exchange are worthless without a theory of value that relates to the good."

Jon Bialecki
"Value is nothing but a series of disconnected homonyms;  the concept has no utility as an anthropological analytic or as a comparative frame." [Click to download PDF]


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