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Film Screening: Spears From All Sides

Film Screening: Spears From All Sides
Speaker: Christopher Walker # Director; Introduced by: Dr Casey High # University of Edinburgh
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Date and Time
28th Oct 2019 17:30 - 28th Oct 2019 19:30
50 George Square, EH8 9JU

Spears From All Sides is a film is about the Waorani communities in Ecuador and their struggles against oil companies operating on their lands. Filmmaker Christopher Walker is best known for his previous documentary, Trinkets and Beads (1996), which was  also about conflicts between oil and indegenous peoples in the Ecuadorian Amazon. 

The film will be introduced by Dr Casey High, and the screening will be followed by a Q&A with Christopher Walker. 

Free tickets available through Eventbrite:

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