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The Future as Cultural Fact

The Future as Cultural Fact: Book Launch and Discussion
Speaker: Arjun Appadurai # New York University
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Date and Time
15th Apr 2013 16:00 - 15th Apr 2013 18:00
Meadows Lecture Theatre
The Future as Cultural Fact is a new collection of essays by Arjun Appadurai that brings together ten years’ of research and writing. In a sequel to Modernity at Large and Fear of Small Numbers Appadurai takes a broad analytical look at the genealogies of the present era of globalization through essays on violence, commodification, nationalism, terror and materiality.

Appadurai situates India at the heart of his work and through his engagement with development planning, finance and urban poverty, he embraces a ‘politics of hope’ and lays the foundations for a revitalized, urgent, anthropology of the future.

Join Arjun Appadurai and academics from across the School of Social and Political Science for a book launch and discussion.

The event is co-hosted by the Rights, Humanitarianism and International Development Network, Social-Anthropology subject area and by the Centre for South Asian Studies at the School of Social and Political Science