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My Neighbourhood: The Zabbaleen Rubbish Collectors of Cairo

My Neighbourhood: The Zabbaleen Rubbish Collectors of Cairo
Hosted by: Dr Jamie Furniss # University of Edinburgh
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1st Sep 2016 17:00 - 1st Sep 2016 18:30
Martin Hall, New College

Hosted by CTPI in collaboration with Dr Jamie Furniss, Social Anthropology.  A performance by Christian Stejskal.

This show is a colourful personal journey from my birth city of Vienna to Ethiopia by foot, then into the lives of Cairo’s rubbish collectors, most of them Christian, whom I met during this pilgrimage. After finishing my walk in Axum, I returned to Cairo and lived with the Zabbaleen. Supporting myself as a violinist at the Cairo Opera House, I spent five years taking photos and listening to stories of their joys, struggles, tragedies and small triumphs. Through seven spoken word vignettes, photos and violin music performed live, this show recounts lives of the Zabbaleen and my encounter with them.

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