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Philippine Studies in the UK 2016

Philippine Studies in the UK 2016
Hosted by: Resto Cruz # Univesity of Edinburgh
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30th Jun 2016 09:00 - 1st Jul 2016 17:00
Room G21, Patersons Land, Holyrood Road

This workshop provides a forum for UK-based researchers to present and receive constructive feedback on ongoing, upcoming, and recently-completed works on the Philippines and its peoples, including those in the diaspora. Researchers from the various fields of the social sciences and the humanities will present work that highlight the contributions of Philippine Studies to the advancement of conversations within and across academic disciplines. Participants will come from different career stages, including postgraduate researchers who are in the process of embarking on their first major research project, or who are writing their doctoral theses.

Building on the success of last year’s gathering at the University of Leicester, this workshop likewise aims to take stock of what appears to be the increasing, albeit still comparatively marginal, presence of Philippine specialists in British academia. This year’s workshop will thus include a roundtable discussion on these questions: how might present scholarship in the UK frame the Philippines and Filipinos, and what intellectual impulses, institutional conditions, and broader historical and political economic elements underpin these works? How might these works differ from or bear similarities with older studies of the Philippines in the UK and elsewhere, and what possibilities do these works indicate? What does it mean to study Filipinos and the Philippines in the present-day UK?

Poster.  Programme to follow.

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