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An Ethnography(-To-Be) of the Reproduction of Class-Privileged Women of Color

An Ethnography(-To-Be) of the Reproduction of Class-Privileged Women of Color
Speaker: Prof Khiara Bridges # Boston University; Introduced by: Dr Lucy Lowe # University of Edinburgh
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Date and Time
29th Sep 2017 15:00 - 29th Sep 2017 17:00
Hugh Robson Building Lecture Theatre

"My first book, Reproducing Race: An Ethnography of Pregnancy as a Site of Racialization, grew out of eighteen months of ethnographic fieldwork research that I conducted in the obstetrics clinic of a public hospital in New York City. I found myself in the clinic because I was interested in studying race as a process: I wanted to explore how ideas about race are made material on the bodies of poor women during the event of pregnancy. Moreover, I was curious about the role of the law in this process of race-making. What I did not realize back when I was writing Reproducing Race was that the book would be a prelude to my second ethnography—a book about which I am now beginning to think. This as-yet-untitled ethnography will extend the analysis began in Reproducing Race to affluent women of color. Reproducing Race revealed that poor, pregnant women of color are treated in ways that are significantly different from the ways in which wealthier pregnant women are treated. But, how much of that different treatment is an effect of race? How much of it is an effect of class? By training its focus on women of color with class privilege, my second ethnography will try to figure it all out. Thus, the central preoccupation that motivates the study is the complex relationship between race and class. How does class privilege alter the experience of race? How does one’s status as a racial minority alter the experience of class privilege?"

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