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RAE: Edinburgh anthropology climbs to 5th in UK research league

Social Anthropology is delighted to announce its results for the Research Assessment Exercise 2008. [18 Dec 2008]

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Francesca Bray and colleagues win 2008 Sally Hacker Prize.

Francesca Bray is one of eleven authors of the 7-volume Technology in World History (ed. W. Bernard Carlson, Oxford University Press, 2005) which has just been awarded the Society for the History of Technology’s 2008 Sally Hacker Prize. [30 Oct 2008]

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Dr Joost Fontein becomes editor of JSAS

We are pleased to announce that Dr Joost Fontein has recently taken up the position of editor for the Journal of Southern African Studies, one of the leading African Studies journals. [26 Oct 2008]

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Dr Alexander Smith wins Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship

Dr Alexander Smith (PhD Social Anthropology 2006) has been awarded a prestigious, two-year Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, which he will commence in September 2008. [26 Aug 2008]

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Marina Marouda wins RAI Sutasoma Award 2008

Marina Marouda has won the RAI Sutasoma Award for 2008, for her PhD Lives Intimately Connected: The Dead and the Living in Contemporary Central Viet Nam. The Trustees state that the award recognizes the potentially outstanding merit of her research.  [21 Aug 2008]

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Ananda Galappatti wins 2008 Ramon Magsaysay Award

Ananda Galappatti, who is studying for his PhD in Social Anthropology, has been awarded Asia's premier prize, the Ramon Magsaysay Award, for his outstanding work as a medical anthropologist in the aftermath of the 2004 tusnami in Sri Lanka.  [11 Aug 2008]

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Expert helps stem TB threat in Nepal

A British health care expert has been asked by the Nepalese Government to help tackle the country’s TB problem. [29 Jul 2008]

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Anthropology PhDs get world-class training

PhD students and early career researchers from Social Anthropology have returned from a week in the Highlands, spent with their peers from other Scottish universities, as part of the new Scottish Training in Anthropological Research (STAR) programme.  [14 Jun 2008]

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RAI Curl Lectureship 2009

Dr Joost Fontein has accepted an invitation to deliver the Royal Anthropological Institute Curl Lectureship in 2009. [12 Jun 2008]

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British Academy Award

The British Academy have awarded Dr Heonik Kwon a £100,000 Research Development Award. The project, New Ancestral Shrines after the Cold War runs from January 2009-June 2010. [20 May 2008]

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Radcliffe Brown Award

The Royal Anthropological Institute have awarded Julie Hartley a Radcliffe-Brown Award to complete her PhD thesis, States of Disability: Conceptualizing the Body and the Nation in Post-civil War Lebanon. [16 May 2008]

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RAI Hocart Prize 2007

Paul Anderson has won the Royal Anthropological Institute's 2007 Hocart Prize for his essay Is Altruism Possible? [16 May 2008]

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Call for Papers

Return and Onward Migration Workshop [08 Jan 2008]

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Charles Jedrej

The department is very sad to record the death of Charles Jedrej, much loved friend and colleague, on Saturday 8th December, 2007. [08 Jan 2008]

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