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Francesca Bray and colleagues win 2008 Sally Hacker Prize.

Francesca Bray is one of eleven authors of the 7-volume Technology in World History (ed. W. Bernard Carlson, Oxford University Press, 2005) which has just been awarded the Society for the History of Technology’s 2008 Sally Hacker Prize.

The Sally Hacker Prize honors “exceptional scholarship that reaches beyond the academy toward a broad audience.” Technology in World History admirably accomplishes both of these goals. Together, the eleven authors have crafted a narrative of temporal and geographic sweep seldom found in historical scholarship. Encyclopedic in scope, yet not an encyclopedia, its coherent narrative places technology securely into cultural contexts, balancing technical detail with social and historical significance.

While all the authors bring specialized erudition to the project, they write in language readily comprehensible to their target audience of middle and high school readers. Thus, Technology In World History reaches not just a broad audience but a different audience, one that would otherwise have little encounter with the history of technology. The set is packaged to encourage wide sales to schools and public libraries, and thus promises to place technology firmly within the world-history school curriculum. page: