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Critical African Studies Launched!

We are very pleased to announce that Critical African Studies, a new peer-reviewed online publication based in the Centre of African Studies, was launched with great enthusiasm at the recent AEGIS conference in Leipzig (5th June 2009). The launch was introduced with a few words from Paul Nugent and James Smith, and was attended by over 200 delegates to the ECAS conference. Many thanks to the editors, Laura jeffrey, Alex Beresford, Tom Molony and Joost Fontein for all their hard work leading up to the event, as well as to Keith Brown for his dedicated work on the new website, and to Caryn Abrams for her excellent provsions of wine and snacks for the launch.

The first issue contains an introductory paper by Paul Nugent setting out the rationale and ambitions of the new publication, and a sharp and controversial paper by Edwin Wilmsen focusing on representations of Bushmen, with commentaries by Alan Barnard, Akira Takada, Megan Biesele and Owen Sichone. 

Critical African Studies can be viewed and downloaded on:

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