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Imponderabilia - New student led publication in Anthropology

Pondering the imponderable

Edinburgh undergraduates have been getting involved in a new student-run anthropology journal based in Cambridge University that aims to combine international student perspectives and anthropological research, as well as being a forum for intellectual exchange.  Imponderabilia aims to ‘bring anthropology out of the lecture theatre and the tutorial room… to make the subject accessible to everybody and thus to encourage people to think, talk and read about the world we live in’.  Intended to provide students with a platform from which to share their ideas, contributions include essays, photos, accounts of studying anthropology, academic interviews, news, and events listings. 

Second-year student Heather J. Murphy will be travelling down to the official launch event in Cambridge on March 13th, 2009 as part of Imponderabilia’s editorial team, and will be speaking at a panel organised to celebrate the first publication of the journal.  The intergenerational panel will be discussing ‘Reflections on Imponderabilia: Pushing the Boundaries of Anthropology’, and will include Professor Peter Loizos (LSE), Dr Matt Candea (Cambridge), and keynote speaker Professor Marilyn Strathern.  

The first issue of the journal will be published in March 2009. All submissions will be published online. See:

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