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CAS and Social Anthropology share BA International Partnership Success

Transforming Bodies: Health, Migration and Violence in Southern Africa

We are pleased to announce that the British Academy has awarded a three grant to support an international research partnership between the Centre of African Studies and Social Anthropology in SSPS, University of Edinburgh, and two South African research centres based at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg: the Wits Institute for Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV and Other related Diseases (WrHI) and the African Centre for Migration and Society (ACMS).

The project will be led by Joost Fontein, and by co-applicants Emilie Venables (WrHI) and Jo Veary (ACMS) at Wits. Recognising a recent growth in academic interest in the complex social and political significance of human corporeality, its aim is to explore how a focus on the transformations of human forms and substances offers a new way to investigate how violence, migration and health are linked in the lives of people across the Southern African region. It builds on and formalises existing but informal linkages between a wide range of scholars at Edinburgh and at Wits, in recognition of the considerable but diverse expertise that exists in these different institutions. Involving three research and writing workshops and teaching exchanges over three years, the partnership will produce significant co-edited publications, a regional research network bringing together emerging and established scholars working on the region, and increased writing, editing and publishing capacity among emerging scholars in three research centres across the two institutions. Congratulations go to Joost Fontein and Emilie Venables for their successful application.

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