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CfP: Corporealities of Violence in Southern Africa, Sept. 2013

Call for Workshop Applicants: Corporealities Of Violence In Southern Africa 4 ‐ 6 September 2013, Edinburgh

This workshop will focus on how human bodies are not only often the means and target of violence in a diversity of forms, and therefore transformed by it in a myriad of ways, but also how human corporealities are often at the centre of what often follows violence: including refugee displacements, and subsequent movements and ‘returns’; medicalization, documentation, and sometimes incarceration; as well as acts of burial, mourning, and commemoration; and forensic examinations and exhumations for (often elusive) processes of ‘transitional justice’, ‘reconciliation’ and ‘healing’. Taking the transformations, interferences and flows of bodies and bodily substances animating violence and its consequences as its central problematic, it will seek to explore the convergences and discontinuities of different forms of individual and orchestrated violence, encompassing political and social violence alongside torture, intimate partner violence, rape and broader forms of structural or institutionalised violence.

(Click here for full info and Application Process [pdf])

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