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Doing Good by Doing Well

The ESRC awards Social Anthropology a 3-year Seminar Series Grant on Capitalism, Humanitarianism and International Development

As policy makers, practitioners and journalists debate the role of the private sector in a post-2015 development agenda this ESRC funded seminar series will bring together leading academics in anthropology and development studies to critically engage with the material politics of global social enterprise.

In collaboration with the University of Sussex and the School of Oriental and African studies a 3 year programme of international conferences, workshops, and advanced seminars will ask:     

How are everyday commodities being transformed into ‘social’, ‘merit’ or ‘ethical goods’ endowed with the power to bring development benefits?

How is social enterprise mobilising people, driving policies, attracting finance and shaping the politics of development?

Who makes the claims that define and drive these approaches and what values, assumptions and beliefs underpin their activities?

For more information please contact: Jamie Cross or Alice Street

Freshers 2013