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Beyond the Human

On the 19th of October the department of Social Anthroplogy hosted a roundtable event for researchers from Aberdeen, St. Andrews and Edinburgh to discuss the role of human-nonhuman relationships in anthropology.

It was kicked off by a thought-provoking talk by Dr Christopher Davis (SOAS) who highlighted that when talking about non-humans we need to ask "what is the human?" in the first place. She suggested that talking about "creatures" could be a way to undermine human exceptionalism. In afternoon workshops we talked about human-nonhuman relationships in our own fieldwork and brought the results to a roundtable discussion at the end of the day. The discussion of immediate research experiences triggered ethical and philosophical questions and made us question the scope of anthropology once again. It also strengthened the dialogue between members of the different universities in the STAR network (Scottish Training in Anthropological Research).

Beyond the Human

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