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Veterinary Anthropology Workshop

18th - 19th April 2016 6th Floor Staffroom, Chrystal Macmillan Building Kindly sponsored by - CHSS Challenge Investment Fund & SPS Strategic Support Fund

This workshop seeks to open up an agenda for an innovative new field of study: veterinary anthropology. This new field has the potential to bring together scholarship in animal studies, animal welfare, veterinary sciences, multispecies anthropology, medical anthropology and the anthropology of ethics. The anthropology of human medicine has brought critical attention to the ways in which culture influences the experience of illness and the practice of medicine, as well as the medical objectification of the body, its commodification (biocapital) and governance (biopower). Veterinary anthropology promises all this and more. The complexity brought by the diversity of species under veterinary care and the multiple human-animal relationships which must be taken into consideration raise new analytical challenges. In this workshop we wish to explore the particularities that veterinarians’ care for different species of animals bring to the contemporary practice of medicine.

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