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PhD Student Wins Lisbon International Film Festival Award & RAI Award

Social Anthropology student, Diego Malara, has been awarded Best Documentary Short Film for his documentary entitled The Devil and the Holy Water.

The Lisbon International Film Festival is a quarterly online film festival intended to showcase innovative independent cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.

Shot in Addis Abeba, The Devil and the Holy Water is a short documentary that portrays exorcisms conducted by the controversial priest Mehmer Girma, whose charisma gathers hundreds of people from across Ethiopia and around the world. Narrated by a woman exorcized by Mehmer Girma, the film gives an intimate account of the reality of demonic affliction in modern Ethiopian life.

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Diego has also recently been awarded the Sutasoma Award by the Royal Anthropological Institute for his thesis, which was awarded on the basis of exceptional research quality.

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