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MAT is Moving to Edinburgh!

After six years of fruitful collaboration, editors Eileen Moyer and Vinh-Kim Nguyen are stepping down so that the open-access journal can flourish in the creative hands of an editorial collective based at the University of Edinburgh. Much thought has been put into the transition, and the journal’s founding values of accessibility, internationalism, generous collegiality, interdisciplinarity, and quality will remain at the core of the project.

The Edinburgh MAT Collective is based in the Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology (EdCMA), a vibrant and growing centre for research and teaching in medical anthropology that is interdisciplinary in approach, yet firmly grounded in social anthropology. The success of EdCMA lies in its collaborative and creative ethos, and the MAT Collective’s horizontal governance structure stands against unethical and exploitative research and publishing practices. The Collective aims to expand on the editors’ original global vision with a commitment to fostering conversations among researchers employed at institutions in the global south, where much medical anthropology and global health research has traditionally been carried out. Along with the establishment of a new international advisory board, this will ensure that the journal remains at the cutting edge of theory and practice in the field. While maintaining the commitment to open-access publishing, MAT will transform into a fully indexed journal in 2020. 

MAT began as a reincarnation of the Dutch journal Medische Antropologie, which was housed at the University of Amsterdam under the direction of Sjaak van der Geest for twenty-eight years. Moyer and Nguyen wanted to transform Medische Antropologie into an international journal that would be widely read and easily accessible to the broader global public engaged in addressing issues at the intersection of health, culture, and society. Accessibility is not only about open access: the founding editors were committed to ‘deprovincializing’ medical anthropology, supporting scholarship of interest beyond elite universities, and moving the field beyond the at-times hermetic language that had come to haunt academic writing in our field. And MAT has always been a collective effort, its intellectual community forged through day-to-day interactions in the academic centres that have hosted it – the Graduate Institute in Geneva and the University of Amsterdam – as well as virtual collaborations among our globally dispersed editorial team and our jargon-allergic managing editor, Erin Martineau. The founding editors are delighted that MAT’s new home is host to one of the most vibrant intellectual communities in medical anthropology today and one with a renewed commitment to engaging global scholarship.

Call for submissions

The migration to Edinburgh is already underway, and the editorial teams do not anticipate any delays in the processing, review, or publication of articles. We therefore encourage submissions to continue during this exciting period of transition. We welcome submissions to any of the journal’s existing sections, including full academic articles, and shorter think pieces, interventions, photo essays, reviews, and reflections on writing. See for full details.

MAT Collective members

The MAT editorial collective at Edinburgh consists of Lucy Lowe, Alice Street, Ian Harper, Lotte Segal, Chisomo Kalinga, Ayaz Qureshi, Rebecca Marsland, Jessica Cooper, Lukas Engelmann, and Kaveri Qureshi.

Edinburgh View