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Visiting Student: Andrea Wojcik

This month we welcome Andrea Wojcik as a visiting research student at the University of Edinburgh until Dec. 5, 2019. She is keen to connect with staff and students with shared interests during her time here. You can contact her on:

Andrea is a PhD candidate at Maastricht University working as part of the ‘Making Clinical Sense’ project, which is funded by the European Research Council. Andrea is part of the Department of Society Studies as well as the Maastricht University Science, Technology & Society Studies (MUSTS) research group. She has conducted ethnographic research at the University for Development Studies’ medical school in Tamale, Ghana, with a focus on how medical students learn to touch and feel as part of their physical examination of patients. She is interested in how pedagogical technologies – such as simulation and assessment – work with and through touch to afford lessons on patients’ and doctors’ subjectivity. 

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