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COVID-19 Research from Anthropologists at Edinburgh

Successful research grants on COVID-19 by staff in the Social Anthropology department

COVID-19 Testing in Lothian, Scotland

Dr Alice Street recently launched new research into how testing strategies for Covid-19 are influencing public trust in health services and government response.

Dr Street received £30,000 in funding from the Chief Scientist Office for the project, Building trust in a global pandemic: public perceptions, expectations and experiences of COVID-19 testing in Lothian, Scotland. 

The project investigates understandings, expectations and experiences of Covid-19 testing in Scotland and the effect this has on public trust.  

Read more about the Social Value of Testing by Dr Alice Street here.

COVID-19 in West Africa

Dr Street has also been awarded £10,000 from the Scottish Funding Council’s Global Challenges Research Fund to investigate if the Ebola epidemic in West Africa prepared Sierra Leone’s health system for Covid-19. 

Dr Street, with co-investigators at the University of Edinburgh, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and public health institutions in Sierra Leone, has been examining the role of medical technologies in preparing Sierra Leone for an epidemic. Their findings hope to support emergency response strategies that feed into long term health systems strengthening.   

Displaced Syrians and COVID-19

Dr Ann-Christin Zuntz has recently been working as co-investigator of a collaborative study of the knock-on effects of COVID-19 risk mitigation measures on displaced’ Syrians’ health and agricultural livelihoods in the Middle East. In April 2020, the project was awarded a SFC-GCRF COVID-19 grant (principal investigator: Dr Lisa Boden, Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security).

Read more about the findings of this reasearch here.

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