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New Book Release

To Be an Entrepreneur: Social Enterprise and Disruptive Development in Bangladesh by Juli Huang

We're delighted to see that Juli Huang's new book is now available!

Juli is an economic anthropologist whose research focuses on social enterprise and the use of new technologies, data, and markets for poverty alleviation. She's also teaches the most incredible course on the anthropology of money (possibly the most incredible course in the history of academia).

In To Be an Entrepreneur, Juli focuses on Bangladesh's iAgent social-enterprise model, the set of economic processes that animate the delivery of this model, and the implications for women's empowerment. The book offers new ethnographic approaches that reincorporate relational economics into the study of social enterprise. It details the tactics, dilemmas, compromises, aspirations, and unexpected possibilities that digital social enterprise opens up for women entrepreneurs, and reveals the implications of policy models promoting women's empowerment: the failure of focusing on individual autonomy and independence.

The book can be ordered directly from Cornell University Press. 


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