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Social Anthropology:



TRACES - Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts

Funded by a EU Horizon 2020 grant, TRACES is a colloborative project, concluding in Spring 2019, involving multidisciplinary teams artists and academics across  Europe. It focuses on the challenges and opportunities inherent in transmitting contentious cultural heritages in Europe, with a particular emphasis on the role of the arts and arts-based interventions in promoting collective self-reflection and a critical dialogue concerning the difficult pasts which haunt contemporary articulations of identity. My particular involvement is as part of the "Dead Images" project, one of five colloborative co-productions within TRACES. Working with a team of researchers ard artists - Linda Fibiger, Joan Smith , Tal Adler, Anna Szöke and Maria Teschler-Nicola - this project engages with the complex and contentious legacy of collections of human skulls kept by museums, universities and other public institutions in Europe. 

The "Third Space"

The thirds space project is a collaboration between academics with the Schools of Social and Political Science, Health in Social Science and Education, Edinburgh Global and EUSA Global. It is "a new series of activities which wrap around students’ international experiences giving them the tools to explore, reflect, engage, and share culture during the different stages of their time away". In particular, I have been involved in the design of a "tool box" which, drawing inspiration from the techniques of ethnographic research, provides a series of provocations, suggestions and invitations designed to encourage students to seek out and enjoy new intercultural experiences. For more information see: The Third Space.