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Social Anthropology:


Juli Huang

Juli Huang
Dr Juli Huang
Lecturer in Anthropology of Development
5.10 Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 (0)131 650 4269
Research Interests
Pro-poor markets, Carbon markets, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), social enterprise, Gender and Development, Science, technology and development, Corporations, Anthropology of Money, Alternative currencies, Economic anthropology, International development, South Asia, Bangladesh, Iran

Guidance and Feedback Hours

  • Wednesday 9-11am for Semester 2 with no need to book. Email for meetings outside this window.

Julia Qermezi Huang is an economic anthropologist whose research focuses on social entrepreneurship and the use of innovative technologies and markets for poverty alleviation. She is the program director for the MSc International Development and teaches courses on the anthropology of development, South Asia, and economic anthropology. A member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and a Fulbright alumna, Juli graduated from Yale University (BA) and the London School of Economics (MSc; PhD). She lived for extended periods (1991-2004) in the Zagros mountains of Iran, where she conducted ethnographic field research among Qashqa’i nomadic pastoralists. She is the author of Tribeswomen of Iran: Weaving Memories among Qashqa’i Nomads (I.B. Taurus, 2009, 2013) and To Be an Entrepreneur: Social Enterprise and Women's Empowerment in Bangladesh (Cornell University Press, 2019 forthcoming).

Topics interested in supervising

Market-driven development; social enterprise; social business; social impact measurement; impact investment; CSR; technology and development; anthropology of corporations; money and alternative currencies; economic anthropology

If you are interested in being supervised by Juli Huang, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in Social Anthropology; PhD in International Development