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Social Anthropology:


Sociolegal Studies

The Reading Lists below have been kindly provided by colleagues from across the UK, Europe, US and Australia, as part of a curriculum project funded by the ESRC. They cover Socio-Legal Studies in the broadest sense, including what is often referred to as Law and Society. They consist of a mixture of general reading lists, methods courses and reading lists on very specific topics in the field, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. They also include some Reading Lists with only some Socio-Legal component. If you have any Reading Lists that you would like to add to the resource, please send them to: 

Law between Plato and the poets  (Sitze - Amherst College)

Psychoanalysis and Law (Sitze - Amherst College)

The crisis of neoliberal legal theory (Sitze - Amherst College)

Mental Health, Law and Policy Handout I (Bartlett - Nottingham)

Mental Health, Law and Policy Handout II (Bartlett - Nottingham)

Legal Issues in Health Care A, part I (Bartlett - Nottinghman)

Legal Issues in Health Care A, part II (Bartlett - Nottinghman)

System Justification (Jost - NYU)

Political Psychology (Jost - NYU)

Social Power (Jost - NYU)

Literature and Law, Theory and Practice A Case Study in Interdisciplinarity (MacAdam - Amherst College)

Natural Law (MacAdam - Amherst College)

Silence & Justice (MacAdam - Amherst College)

The Social Contract Rhetoric and Founding Law (MacAdam - Amherst College)

Utopia, Dystopia & the Law (MacAdam - Amherst College)

Globalization and Economic Justice I (Haglund - Arizona State)

Globalization and Economic Justice II (Haglund - Arizona State)

Human Rights and Sustainability (Haglund - Arizona State)

Domestic violence (Johnson - Arizona State)

Holocaust, Genocide & Human Rights (Johnson - Arizona State)

Homicide and Serial Killers (Johnson - Arizona State)

Justice Theory Seminar (Johnson - Arizona State)

Myth of Rule of Law in DP (Johnson - Arizona State)

Witnessing a State Execution (Johnson - Arizona State)

Sociology of Law (Travers - Tasmania)

Sociology of Law (Liu - Wisconsin- Madison)

Punishment, Culture and Society (Simon - UC- Berkeley)

Memory and the Law (Loftus - UC -Irvine)

Seminar on Health Law and Social Policy (Law - NYU)

Law Faith and the Postcolonial (de Silva Wijeyeratne - Griffith)

Legal Research (Chynoweth - Salford)

Law in Society (Pirie and Galligan - Oxford)

Theory and Method in Socio-Legal Research (Lange - Oxford)

Property Law 1_Comparative Concepts (Drill - Griffith Law School)

Law of the Environment (Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos - Westminster)

Law and Society (Coutin- UC- Irvine)

Socio-legal Seminar (Merry- NYU)

Advanced Legal Research and Law Reform (Blandy - Leeds)

Property Law (Ardill- Griffith) 

Law and Society: regulating communities (Cooper - Kent)

Gender and Crime (Duggan - Hallam,Sheffield)

Victimology (Duggan - Hallam,Sheffield)

Law in Action (Hunter - Kent) 

Many thanks to Anastasios Panagiotopoulos for his assistance in this project.