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Social Anthropology:


Justin Kenrick

Dr Justin Kenrick
Honorary Fellow
Social Anthropology, School of Social and Political Science
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Climate Change and Sustainability: Can community responses in the Global North and South enable the politically possible to be reshaped by the ecologically necessary?,Central Africa: Is it possible to reconceptualise and reshape conservation and development projects so that they support rather than devastate local people's lives?,Commons Regimes, Indigenous Peoples Rights and Life Projects:

Justin Kenrick received a BA in Social Anthropology at Cambridge and his PhD in Social Anthropology at Edinburgh.  He was a lecturer in social anthropology at Glasgow from 2001 to 2009. He left to work with the Forest Peoples Programme to support Central African Forest Peoples’ rights, and to work on parallel processes of community resilience in Scotland ( and  He is a research fellow in social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, a member of SASI (the St Andrews Sustainability Initiative), the ASA, AAA, EASA and CASCA, and contributes to the Bella Caledonia and Bright Green websites, as well as to Transition Scotland. Email:

Forthcoming publications include:

Kenrick, Justin 2012: ‘How does Progressive Social Change Happen?’ in Academic Conference Blockades and Faslane 365: Resisting Nuclear Weapons through Theory and Practice (volume edited by Stellan Vinthagen, Justin Kenrick and Kelvin Mason) London: Zed Books

 Kenrick, Justin 2012: ‘In the shadow of Climate Change Denial’ in ACME Special Issue on ‘Climate Change: power, policy and public action’ (edited by Kelvin Mason, Justin Kenrick, and Kye Askins).

 Earlier publications include:

Kenrick, Justin 2011: ‘Scottish Land Reform and Indigenous Peoples Rights: Self-Determination and Historical Reversibility’ Social Anthropology, May 2011 Vol 19(2): 189-203

 Gausset, Quentin, Justin Kenrick and Robert Gibb 2011: ‘Indigeneity and Autochthony: A Couple of False Twins?’ Social Anthropology, May 2011 Vol 19(2): 135-142. Introduction to special issue on ‘The Uses and Misuses of 'Indigeneity' and 'Autochthony'

 Kenrick, Justin 2011: ‘Unthinking Eurocentrism: The political writing of Adam Kuper and Tim Ingold’ Anthropological Notebooks 17(2), 11−36

 Gausset, Quentin, Justin Kenrick and Robert Gibb 2011: 'Introduction: What place for indigenous people in modern States?Anthropological Notebooks 17(2), 5−9 (2011)

Kenrick, Justin 2009: 'Commons Thinking', in Arran Stibbe (ed) The Handbook of Sustainable Literacy: Skills for a Changing World.  Green Books (Commons Thinking)

Kidd, Christopher and Justin Kenrick 2009: 'The forest people of Africa: land rights in context', in Valerie Couillard, Jeremie Gilbert, Justin Kenrick and Christopher Kidd (eds) Land Rights and the forest peoples of Africa: Historical, legal and anthropological perspectives.  Moreton-in-Marsh: Forest Peoples Programme (Land Rights)

Kenrick, Justin 2009: 'The Paradox of Indigenous Peoples' Rights', World Anthropologies Journal 2009: Vol 4: pp 11-55

Kenrick, Justin 2005: ‘Equalising Processes, Processes of Discrimination and the Forest People of Central Africa', in T. Widlock & W. Tadesse (eds) Property and Equality: Vol 2 Encapsulation, Commercialization, Discrimination.  Oxford: Berghahn, pp 104-128.  ISBN: 157181616 (pdf file Equalising Processes)

Current action research applications:

 Accountable decision-making and effective representation of the indigenous peoples of Cameroon (Forest Peoples Programme) - Application to the EU Programme ‘Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development’. Concept note submitted October 2011, full submission February 2012. Principal Investigator alongside Emmanuel Freudenthal. 4 years

 Securing Ogiek land tenure - Mt Elgon, Kenya  (Forest Peoples Programme) - Applications to IFAD, the UN and Polden Puckham. Submitted September 2012. Principal Investigator. 2 years

 Recent action research grants:

 Deforestation, REDD Governance and Local Communities (Forest Peoples Programme)

NORAD and Rights and Resources Initiative. Principle Investigator. March 2010 & September 2011

 Community Carbon Reduction Initiative (Portobello Transition Town) - Climate Challenge Fund, Scottish Government. Co-applicant Nov 2009