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Social Anthropology:


Imogen Bevan

Imogen Bevan
Imogen Bevan
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of food, Kinship, Addiction, Anthropology of Britain, Anthropology of the body, Anthropology of Global Health, Mental Health, Scotland, Social Inequality, ethnography, Children and Young People, , food, Anthropology of emotions

Why do we eat sugar? My PhD research explores sugar consumption practices in urban Scotland. I ask how sugar is classified by experts and consumers, and in practice, what roles sugar consumption might play in dynamics of kinship and social relatedness.


Bevan, I. (2016). E-cigarettes: Smoking pleasure reinvented? The many faces of harm reduction in France. Contemporary Drug Problems, 43 (3), 228-241.
DOI: 10.1177/0091450916657348

Bevan, I. (2016). [Review of the book Smokefree: A Social, Moral and Political Atmosphere by S. Dennis]. Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 30 (4).

Bevan, I. (2015). What is a 'throat hit'? Reframing smoking as a sensory practice. Medicine Anthropology Theory. Available at:



Guest lecturer on University of Edinburgh courses"Social Life of Food" and "Anthropology of Food".