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Social Anthropology:


Stephen McConnachie

Stephen McConnachie
Stephen McConnachie
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Uganda, Buganda, East Africa, Happiness, Conceptions and pursuit of the good life, Well-being, Values, Morality

Conference Papers

2016. 'Mikisa: The Need for Luck or Blessings in the Pursuit of a Good Life in Rural Uganda'. At Satterthwaite Colloquium on African Ritual and Religion. 1st-4th July, Grasmere, UK.

2016. 'Wellbeing in Buganda: The Pursuit of a Good Life in Two Ugandan Villages'. At Interdisciplinary Development Workshop, Happiness and Wellbeing: Integrating Research Across the Disciplines. 21st-24th June, Costa Rica.

2015. 'What can a 'happiness lens' offer debates on sustainability? Lessons from Uganda.' At Future Connections conference, Edinburgh.

2014. 'Aspiring to happiness? What can one man's aspirations say about happiness in Central Uganda?' At British Sociological Association Happiness Study Group - 'One Day Seminar - Qualitative Approaches to Happiness and Wellbeing Research', Northumbria University.

2014. 'The need for divine blessings in the search for a good life in rural Buganda.' At ASA14 Decennial: Anthropology and Enlightenment, Edinburgh.


2016 Scholarship to attend Interdisciplinary Development Workshop on Well-Being, Part of the Happiness and Well-being: Integrating Research across the Disciplines project
2016 Firth Award, Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
2013 Grant, The Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust
2012             The Tweedie Exploration Fellowship, University of Edinburgh
2012 Grant, The Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust

Shaw Macfie Lang Scholarship, University of Edinburgh



2015, 2016 - Ethnography: Theory and Practice

2015 - Happiness: Cross Cultural Perspectives

2014, 2015 - Social Anthropology 1A - The Life Course


Nov 2015 - “The need for divine blessings to secure a good life and what this means for everyday life.” On honours level course – ‘Happiness: Cross Cultural Perspectives’.

Other Projects

I am a junior participant on the project 'Happiness and Well-being: Integrating Research across the Disciplines', led by Dan Haybron, Professor of Philosophy at Saint Louis University.


Dr. Neil Thin

Prof. AF Robertson